Skating On Thin Ice

Like a thief in the night it moved deftly through our home intent on inflicting its nefarious machinations upon my entire family.  No one was safe. This indiscriminate and unwelcome guest settled right into our favorite armchair, grabbed the remote and cracked open a beer.  And we, its hostages, settled into our beds, grabbed a tissue and cracked open bottles of Advil and Tylenol.

The new year has blessed us with arctic wind and snow which has created the most picturesque environment we’ve had in years.  It’s seriously been something straight out of a magazine!!  I had plans to literally inhale the beauty during a (first time) snowshoeing trek up on our local mountain last Thursday.  I could picture the trees dripping with snow as we walked underneath them, and I even planned to challenge my hubby to stand under an exceptionally full branch and pull on it so that I’d get some cool photos!   Our guest however was still much too comfy in our home and made it clear that it wanted some special alone time with my hubby.  Like a good host (pun intended) my hubby acquiesced and promised me we’d go this week.


The week was running out and it had been 12 days since my last activity, what was I going to do?  I couldn’t start a blog about being outside, doing fun activities, and trying things I’d never done before, and then not DO anything!  I was skating on some pretty thin ice as a new blogger here, and I knew it.

What could I do?  This question was on my mind as I turned into my driveway and slid on the ice into the neighbor’s basketball net.  As I righted my car and then slid into the snowbank I kept trying to rack my brain for an idea.  Grateful for my sensible shoe choice I outwitted the slippery sidewalk and entered the house thinking ‘It’s a fricking ice rink out there…I could skate on that sh*t!’

And that’s when it hit me…



While it doesn’t exactly fit into the ‘Adventurous’ category, skating on ice in my cul de sac definitely finds a home in the ‘Things I’ve Never Done Before’ category…and I think, from all reports, it also qualifies for the ‘She’s Gone Bonkers’ category (oddly enough, that file is exceptionally thick).

As the week begins we are all hopeful that our armchair gets vacated and we clawback our control over the remote but since I started the day with a sore throat I’m not feeling very optimistic about this.  Ugh!

Tune in next week for more quasi-adventures!



Polar Bear Swim

I’m a simple person with simple goals and dreams.  My bucket list includes plain-vanilla items like tubing down a lazy river, storm watching, and snowshoeing.  There is one little item that includes swimming in the wild with orca but that’s the craziest thing on the list…also the least attainable; and probably the most stupid.  Since 2017 is my year of living dangerously (for clarification that means living my life at a 4/10 instead of a 1/10) I wanted to start it off in my bathing suit.

But not on a tropical white sandy beach.

Nope, that’s too easy.

Instead I started it standing barefoot in the snow, in a blue bathing suit that matched my frostbitten skin tone, hovering over the edge of a pool which sat a balmy 2 degrees celcius (that’s 36 degrees F).   The day before I confessed to Hubby that I was scared to jump into the deep end in case I froze up and couldn’t surface.  He agreed that no one would come in after me (I’m sure he meant that lovingly) and that the idea wasn’t full submersion anyway but a gradual entrance and maybe even just a toe dip.

‘So you’re not jumping in?’ I inquired.

“Pfft, no, that’s just crazy…no one’s going to do that.  That’s just silly.”


Not only did he jump in but so did my damn kids!  What a bunch of fruit loops!!   I was sticking to the toe-dip-gradual-immersion plan, after all I had done my hair AND makeup that morning, but as you’ll see my friend had other plans for me!

So, yes, I crossed one off my bucket list (with a little help) and I’ll be ready to do it again…in 363 days.

It’s going to take that much time to warm back up!!

And thanks to my Scottish friend, I had the opportunity to try black pudding as well.  The old Lisa would have passed that plate immediately to my right but the new, daring, LisaGoesOutside person grabbed one and tore into it with reckless abandon. Surprisingly it was good–expecting a pungent, sour taste I was greeted with a sweet flavour and no gritty grossness!  For gastric (and psychological) protection I have yet to learn the full list of ingredients so I don’t know exactly what I was eating but since the other name for this treat is blood sausage I’m quite confident at least one of the ingredients is clear.

2017 is off to a great start!  I’m already planning my next adventure!






The alarm sounded and I reluctantly peeled opened my eyes to find Hubby’s face an inch from mine.  His imploring eyes demanded to know if we were going to embrace our plans to be adventurous that morning, or if we were going to nestle back under the covers, hibernate a while longer and put those pesky adventurous ideas off for another, better,time.

Not wanting to be the one to  disappoint the other  we volleyed the old ‘it’s up to you’ strategy back and forth a few times but when he flung back the covers and jumped out of bed I knew that the game had ended.The time had come for me to stop talking about doing all the things and to start going out and actually doing them.

In a feeble attempt to gain control I shouted out after him, “Okay, I’ll go but only if I get a Timmies breakfast sandwich!!” 30 minutes later I found myself in the car (hot as hell with all the snow gear on) with a Double Double in one hand and a breakfast sandwich in the other.  ‘So far, so good’, I thought, ‘this adventure thing rocks!’

As luck would have it every other person on the planet decided to go skiing and we crawled along in a traffic jam of families, boarders smoking ‘devil’s lettuce’, and people jumping out to pee in the snowbank. Does it make me a bad person to have found endless amusement watching the Urinators, who after finishing their business, had to jog along the road trying to catch up with their ride?  Don’t answer that…

Finally we reached the top of the mountain and were “blessed” to find parking only about 25 million miles away from the chair lift (not an exact number but I’m sure it’s quite close).  If the trek up that mountain didn’t kill me I was pretty sure my ski boot slowly rubbing a blister into my ankle bone was going to.  I’d probably get a serious infection and require an emergency amputation later that day as that blister festered inside my new unwashed woolen sock. I was sure of it.

Line ups galore greeted us but soon (maybe too soon?) we’d run out of reasons to delay and it was time to hit the slopes. The fog lifted as we approached the crest of the mountain and we were greeted with the most beautiful site of pine trees laden with fresh white snow and crystal blue skies.  I snapped a photo satisfied that my day was complete and turned to leave for home.  My hubby shook his head, pointed my skis down the hill and gave me a not so gentle shove (did he intend for it to be so close to the edge? ) and away we went on our first of (hopefully) many adventures!

The day was amazing–the mountain was beautiful, the people we shared our table with at lunch were fun, and Hubby and I skiied the entire day.  A perfect day finished off with a jaw dropping sunset across the ocean and sparkling city lights.  I looked at my hubby with his wind burnt face, snot-dripping nose, tired eyes and he looked at my splotchy red face, wild animalistic hair, and my slack jaw (exhaustion is not a pretty thing) and we both promised each other to do this again.

Are we crazy???  Maybe, but stay tuned for more stories from the Reluctant Adventurers and see what we do in 2017!